NetDocuments Certified PartnerNo matter your area of specialization, being able to access records in a fast, efficient, and secure method is essential. Of course, document management and information access can be incredibly challenging.

Legacy solutions, including hard copy files and digital files locked into a practice’s physical server, do you no favors. Thankfully, there are cloud-based document management solutions like NetDocuments that allow you to enjoy incredible flexibility, best-of-breed security, and peace of mind.

What Is NetDocuments?

NetDocuments is a “cloud first” trusted and tested document management platform with a 20-year history. The platform delivers significant capabilities for practices both large and small, across various specializations. Designed with industry-leading security and best-of-breed usability, NetDocuments delivers the ability to streamline your office workflows and access your documents from anywhere, without worrying.

As an organization which prides itself on employing some of the world’s most experienced technologists, NetDocuments often states that they are a security company that offers a document management solution. True to their words, a key difference you will notice immediately in the platform are the advanced security features and protocols. With its advanced encryption technology, your confidential information stays under cyber lock and key, protecting it from even the most advanced threats.

NetDocuments is a security platform built with your business in mind. Because of this, there are built-in features that ensure you stay in compliance both in the security and specific regulatory requirements of your field.

What Advantages Does Document Management Software Offer?

NetDocuments offers a wide range of advantages for legal practices of all sizes, reaching well beyond simply delivering a central document repository that can be accessed via the cloud. Touching on everything from email and document management, collaboration, governance, and built-in disaster recovery, NetDocuments also provides protection against security breaches and ransomware demands, requires no hardware to maintain, and is simple to use.

What Capabilities Does It Deliver?

NetDocuments has a 20-year history and is trusted by thousands of practices around the world due to the outstanding performance the software offers, as well as the wide range of mission-critical capabilities it delivers.

  1. Document Management. In addition to easily creating, viewing, editing and sharing documents, NetDocuments provides a powerful search engine to quickly retrieve and analyze search results. NetDocuments’ newest built-in tools, ndThread and SetBuilder, revolutionize document management by making document collaboration and organization processes easy and efficient.


  1. Email Management. NetDocuments provides a firm-wide filing indicator that helps you track, manage, and monitor all emails for better communication. The filing indicator displays when any recipient of an email files that email in NetDocuments. You can review where it is saved, save it in additional locations, or simply move on because there is no need for duplicate email storage. This saves you time, money, and sanity, while ensuring better productivity and profitability.


  1. Collaboration. With NetDocuments, you can easily share files within your practice, as well as with outside parties using different methods including the delivery of secured links that allows control over who has access to specific documents for set periods of time. Whether you need to collaborate with a colleague on the other side of town or communicate with clients around the world, NetDocuments makes it possible.


  1. Governance. Client confidentiality is always of the utmost importance.  NetDocuments provides industry leading security technology in transit and at rest in compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and FINRA, to name a few, allowing you to easily manage your information without worrying about putting client data at risk.


Is NetDocuments Right for Your Practice?

NetDocuments delivers powerful capabilities that benefit legal practices of all sizes. Circle Management Group provides an in-depth analysis of your practice’s needs followed by a recommendation for document migration, permissions, customization, practice-wide training, and ongoing support. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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