NetDocuments Helps You Stop Struggling with Governance Issues in Your Law Firm

NetDocuments Helps You Stop Struggling with Governance Issues in Your Law Firm

Law firms must adhere to information governance requirements. In some instances, this has to do with legal compliance, as mandated by regulations, such as CCPA or HIPAA. However, in other cases, it’s a demand from a client. It’s important to understand some of the key challenges that you will face when it comes to information governance, and how NetDocuments can help your law firm overcome those hurdles.

Records Management in Law Firms

A law firm is only as efficient as its records management system. However, some systems may mean that you do not comply with a client’s governance requirements, or to CIGR mandates. From the contract intake process to the need to follow client documentation-retention guidelines, it’s vital that you adhere to specific practices here.

NetDocuments helps by providing digital workspaces that keep documents and communications organized around specific clients and topics for improved organization and ease of access. From that point, it is also a simple matter to apply access rules to prevent anyone without authorization from accessing specific information.

Information Sharing and Collaboration

In the past, law firms suffered from the same fate as other businesses when it came to information collected. Namely, that information often wound up in silos, unavailable to anyone but the silo owner. Today, that should not be the case. Information must be free to move across the firm, empowering and benefiting the entire team. Information sharing and collaboration capabilities are vital considerations.

They must be governed strictly to ensure that only those with an actual need for the data can access it, and the process of sharing and collaboration should be simple and straightforward. NetDocuments offers powerful yet secure features that improve your team’s ability to share data and collaborate, whether that’s across the office or across the country.

Another way that NetDocuments improves information sharing and collaboration is through powerful search, save, and share features that are built into the platform. These also include secure linking and optical character recognition for enhanced security and performance.

Is NetDocuments Right for Your Firm?

Ultimately, your firm may not be legally required to follow specific information governance processes, but your clients may insist anyway.

NetDocuments ensures that whether you’re under a legal mandate to do so or you’re trying to comply with client demands, you can do so quickly and easily, while simultaneously protecting the data within your firm from attackers.