Solve Law Firm Security Challenges with NetDocuments

solve law firm security challenges with netdocuments

Curious to know how you can solve law firm security challenges using today’s best-in-class technology?

We all know that data security is incredibly important today across all industries. And while you might not think it, data security is just as crucial for law firms as it is for businesses that access consumer financial information. Fortunately, the right tools and strategies will help you solve law firm security challenges and ensure that the data in your possession is protected against hackers.

But which tools should you choose? NetDocuments offers the data security you need in a solution you can count on.

Law Firm Security Challenges and Need-to-Know

One of the strengths offered by NetDocuments is the ability to keep information organized and centered around specific clients. This ensures that information doesn’t manage to migrate to the wrong file or folder, or end up in the wrong hands. It is also a simple matter to go from that to ensuring that only specific people have access to particular folders and files, guaranteeing that only those with a need to know can access client-related data. This is actually one of the cornerstones of good digital security in the first place. Your law firm should always set access limits and restrictions to prevent unauthorized team members from accessing sensitive information.

Intuitive, Built-In Security Features

NetDocuments brings a lot of advantages to the table, including advanced search and secure links right in the applications and programs that your team uses on a daily basis. This offers security from the ground up, ensuring your team can do their jobs without having to stop to think about information security.

Compliance is Engineered Into the Platform

NetDocuments understands how crucial compliance with regulations like CCPA and GDPR are in today’s world. That’s why the platform offers built-in compliance from the very beginning. That also helps ensure that documents created by your legal team have a simpler time gaining approval from client IT and legal teams.

Law Firm Security Challenges in the Cloud

In addition to security within the physical devices connected to your network, NetDocuments also offers cloud security to ensure complete protection even when documents are stored in an off-site location to enhance protection and peace of mind.

Advanced Encryption in Transit and at Rest

NetDocuments uses advanced encryption for each file. This ensures that even if hackers can access to information, they must also hack into individual files. In the face of such robust security, most attackers will go in search of easier targets.

Ultimately, NetDocuments delivers robust solutions that support security for law firms and their clients. No matter your niche within the legal industry, your firm can benefit from this tool and the protection that it offers.

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