Streamline Documents and Workflows

Dealing with outdated document management systems? Still tied to the physical world when other law firms have moved to the cloud? If your document production process is cumbersome and convoluted, and your workflows bogged down with inefficiencies, you’re doing your practice no favors. In fact, chances are good your non-billable time is high and you’re struggling. We can help.

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Document Production Takes Time and Effort

Law firms produce an incredible number of documents regularly –Microsoft Word docs, Excel sheets, PDFs, email documents, physical notes, and so much more. A single client could mean hundreds of pages in notes and documentation. Creating and managing those documents requires time and the right strategy. Without accurate processes and systems in place, you could lose a significant amount of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

That’s particularly true if you’re still doing things manually. Hardcopy records are a waste of time, resources, and storage space within your office. Digital documents offer ease of creation, simple management, and advanced functionality that allows you to hyperlink within documents and even between different documents, helping you tie everything together into a cohesive whole.

There’s a better way. We can revolutionize your document production and management processes. Get in touch for more information.

Your Workflows Are Costing You

How much time does your team waste every week because of redundancies and inefficiencies within your workflows? For instance, are they creating commonly-used forms from scratch every time? Struggling to communicate and collaborate or with clients? Dealing with breakdowns in the billing process?

Any of these can create bottlenecks that slow productivity and cost your practice time. It’s about more than lost time and money, though. They can also cost you clients through late communications, missed deadlines, and poor case management.

There is a solution, though. At Circle Management Group, we deliver cutting-edge solutionstailored to your practice’s unique needs and goals. Whether you want to move into the cloud, improve your digital billing strategy, address security concerns, or simply capture more billable time, we can help. Contact us today to learn more.

Why Choose Circle Management Group to Help Streamline Documents and Workflows?

At Circle Management Group, we’ve worked with law firms large and small to identify critical breakdowns in document creation and management, as well as bottlenecks and inefficiencies within workflows. Our expert consultants will work with you hand-in-hand to analyze your workflows and document-related processes, surface vital insights, and then create a strategy that addresses core hurdles and challenges.

Whether you’re struggling with online billing security, effective communications, document creation and management, or data collection and duplication, we can help. Digital document creation technology, advanced workflow design, and modern software can revolutionize how your practice works.

There’s no reason you should be struggling with inefficiencies or outdated workflows. From business analysis and strategy development to change management, technology analysis, and project administration and management, our solutions help your practice grow. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your free consultation.