[Webinar] Future Proofing Your Firm: Closing the Technology Gap


Where will your law firm be in ten years?

If your firm hasn’t started to invest in legal tech, it’s not too late!

As we enter the next-generation legal industry, some law firms already have a head start on the future, while others will need to catch up quickly to ensure continued relevance and resilience.

Firms are increasingly interested in leveraging technology, but too many are failing to make the most basic investments. Change is never easy, but law firms that invest in technology sooner rather than later will be in a better position to succeed as law moves into the 21st century.

Watch the recording!

[This webinar has ended, however you can watch the recording now.]

Andrea Giltner and Laura Kennedy join NetDocuments to discuss how technology is still helping small law firms level the playing field, four critical impacts to your firm that technology affects, and how to prepare your firm to be future ready.

You’ll come away understanding:

  • Lawyers and Technology: Frenemies or Collaborators?
  • The impact of a technology gap on your firm
  • How to define your technology gap
  • Steps to identify your future state
  • How to overcome the technology gap


[This webinar has ended, however you can watch the recording now.]