What's Your 'Why?'

Are You Questioning Your Tech? Are You Thinking About Changing Your Tech?

“To save money” is not an adequate reason to change or adopt new technology. Nor is “because it is new.”

— Laura Kennedy, Co-Founder, CEO

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Linda: A CMG Client Experience

Technology is great when it is working for you, but when it doesn’t, it leaves a trail of frustration, reduced productivity, and a loss of income. Taking the steps to figure out how to resolve technology stress, if not done properly, is equally as challenging and pulls from organizational resources, resulting in loss of time and money.There is a better way! Let CMG carry that stress for you and let us do what we do best – be YOUR advocate!

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What's Your 'Why?'

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Review Your Current Technology

Starting with a comprehensive review of your current technology systems and uses, we team with you to identify

  • your current technology and usage
  • your pain points and issues
  • your goals and objectives

By asking the right questions, you may uncover your own best practices and strategies. find options to enhance your current technology or, identify new technology solutions!

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Our Most Popular Assessment

Find YOUR “Why”!

Our Circle360 Assessment is designed to meet you where you are – with your technology, budget, and goals – then move you forward with a roadmap for success as you either adopt new technology or change your existing technology.Your Circle360 Assessment may include the following:

  • Software Selection Assessment
  • Process & Worfklow Assessment
  • Strategic Planning

Let us do the heavy lifting of asking tough questions, analyzing the costs and dealing with the vendors!

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Run Smoothly!

Keep All Systems Operational

Yes, your tech is working. But is it working optimally for you? Let’s find out!

  • Is everyone using the software the way you envisioned?
  • Are there potential issues with the data?
  • Do you have areas of concern that you would like to discuss with a specialist?
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