Tech Stack Audit

Why is Conducting a Tech Stack Audit Important?

A tech stack is a thorough review of your hardware, software, and cloud-based applications that your organization uses. The audit includes a survey of what technology you’re using, how you’re using it, and how each of the pieces fits and communicates with each other. Mostly importantly, the audit investigates root problems and issues your organization is currently facing.

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A Tech Stack Audit is a fact gathering session where you discover:

  • Your Current Technology Usage
  • Your Current Software & Applications
  • Your Technology Pain Points & Obstacles
  • A Few of Your Favorite Technology Systems & Processes
  • Your Technology Goals & Objectives
  • Your Technology Wish List

Tech Stack Audit


Our Steps to Success

  • Interview session with a CMG team member
  • Audit review and consultation session with a CMG partner-level consultant
  • Copy of your audit results
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