Busy legal firms can’t afford to waste resources. Legal administrators are often asked to pull time, billing, and collections data – which is not an efficient use of their expertise. Your team faces information overload plus never-ending client pressures. You need a system that can support complex and always-evolving billing and scheduling arrangements.

ZenCase saves hours of work and decreases printing expenses by tracking everything in one place. With its fully customizable dashboards, your firm’s more important information can be consumed at-a-glance – without having to track down a confusing spreadsheet or run a report.

ZenCase is easy to use and will help your team work more efficiently and collaboratively.

What is ZenCase?

ZenCase is an all-in-one law practice management system that allows users to create better work with less staff time and effort invested. With its many capabilities and integrations, this software will soon have your team raving: “How did we ever manage before ZenCase?”

What can ZenCase do?

Automation is one of the biggest timesavers for modern legal practices. ZenCase offers many automation options plus cloud-based storage for a paperless practice.

ZenCase Time & Billing

Everyone in your firm can view, approve, and update pre-bills. The system is integrated with QuickBooks Online for seamless billing, invoicing, and accounts receivable.

ZenCase Expense Management

Your team members can easily add expenses and digital receipts to the system. ZenCase includes a “Paid When Paid” option and an expense backup option.

ZenCase Document Storage

Document storage no longer has to be time-consuming, not secure, or inefficient. Everything is backed up to the cloud with industry-leading security. If you are a NetDocuments client, ZenCase integrates with this and other document management solutions.

ZenCase Document Creation

Save countless hours for your team with simple document automation, pulling from a library of temkplates. Create the perfect pleading, contract, slide deck, memo, interrogatory, spreadsheet, or any other needed document with just a few clicks.

ZenCase Knowledge Management System (ZenKM)

Your firm can keep all of its work in one place with ZenKM, an intelligent knowledge management system. Link pertinent infromatoin together to make any legal event or project more efficient and less stressful.

ZenCase Case Management

Get your team collaborating, no matter where they’re based, with cloud-based case management capabilities. The system also includes a Task Blueprint function for mapping workflows.

ZenCase Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

Keep all client information in one place, eliminating unnecessary duplicates or outdated files. Your team can also link contacts to any ongoing matters within the system.

ZenCase Task Management

Give your leader a birds-eye view of all ongoing projects (and keep their hands out of micromanagement) with Zen Case’s task management software. Tasks can be delegated, monitored, and balanced all in one place. This will help keep your team focused on achieving results.

ZenCase Calendar Management

Integrate your existing Microsoft 365 and Outlook calendar programs within ZenCase.

ZenCase Dashboards

Smart reports can be generated with just a few clicks within ZenCase, along with customizable dashboards. Get at-a-glance information in regards to billing, clients, and legal matters within the system.