Who’s Standing Behind Your Software Decisions?

whos standing behind software decisions

Who’s Standing Behind Your Software Decision?

Whatever form your agency or law firm takes, it’s important that you have the right technological experts standing behind you to ensure your business is set up for success. An independent software expert can choose your technology stacks effectively and balance it for your business’s present and future needs. Selecting and implementing technology doesn’t come without its challenges. This is why it’s critical that you’re aware of who’s standing behind your software decisions and implementation.

At Circle Management Group, we guide law departments and law firms through technology and software needs. We advocate for the importance of technology in law; however, we believe lawyers shouldn’t make such important decisions without the help of an independent and impartial advisor. Get in touch with Circle Management Group for a Technology Audit and Needs Assessment for your organization today.

Technology in the Legal Sector

Without a doubt, the pervasiveness of technology in recent years has enhanced the legal sector in ways that are hard to calculate. As remote and hybrid work remains the norm, lawyers grapple with the need to implement it effectively. Technology has helped track and streamline nitty-gritty legal processes, maintain client data, and manage communications between lawyers and clients. Legal tech can also enhance flexibility by allowing lawyers to work remotely. This has increased efficiency and innovation for lawyers and their legal offices.

Here are a few ways technology can make your law firm more efficient:


Automating specific time-consuming tasks makes for a more efficient process.

Integrated systems

Specific tech systems can integrate directly with each other, meaning you’ll rarely have to perform tasks repeatedly.

Better collaboration

Cloud software holds all key data in one place. This means lawyers can collaborate on tasks, doing so at any physical location.

Challenges Associated With Technology in the Legal Sector

Despite known benefits, challenges associated with using technology in the legal sector abound. These include:

  • Client information security
  • Cost of technological investments and risk
  • Data breaches and cyberattacks

Many practical challenges in implementing legal technology also exist. These include:

  • Making sure the tech will work for your firm specifically
  • Making sure your tech is secure
  • Putting your problems first

With these challenges in mind, you must remain vigilant when purchasing and implementing software for your firm. At Circle Management Group, we believe an unbiased and independent software advisor is the way to go.

The Importance of Working With an Impartial Advisor

It’s not uncommon for software designers, owners, and developers to have strong biases. If these are left unaddressed, your firm may suffer losses.

Why Not Go With an OEM?

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (or OEM) is a company that builds a product designed for end-users. OEMs are abundant in the computer and software industries and usually operate under their branding. Before delivering a solution to consumers, companies determine the best way to optimize profit. By pairing with an OEM, software developers gain expertise in product design and therefore enhance sales. However, this doesn’t come without its pitfalls.

When partnering with an OEM, your firm is confined to whatever parts and procedures come under the OEMs brand. This leaves little wiggle room for cost-savings and personalized software solutions. It therefore goes without saying that an inherent bias exists in the way an OEM operates. OEMs provide services that align with their own company’s needs, meaning an OEM may shield you from the best software and technology for your firm.

Why You Should Pair With a Vendor-Agnostic Partner

Simply put, “vendor agnostic” means a business is not contractually bound to specific technology manufacturers. They often have strong relationships with various manufacturers, meaning they can offer a comprehensive service. Vendor-agnostic partners can assess the whole marketplace to provide your firm with a tailored software solution. They’re entirely independent and impartial in their tech approach so you can rest easy that you’re being provided with the best possible service for your firm.

Working with an impartial advisor has many powerful benefits for law firms:

Lower costs

An impartial advisor can assess the full marketplace to ensure you receive the most cost-efficient service.

Unbiased support

Impartial advisors receive no incentive to sell a specific manufacturer’s products. You will, therefore, never be subject to up-selling.

Tailored solutions

Working with an impartial advisor allows you to hand pick specific tech that suits you.

A simple process

A vendor-agnostic partner will be your single point of contact for all of your tech needs.

The Bottom Line

Behind many software decisions is a software vendor whose own best interests are put at the forefront. If you choose to work with an independent advisor, you can rest assured that the advice you receive for your legal practice software will reflect your firm’s specific needs. This ultimately drives efficiency and innovation for you, your lawyers, and your firm.

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