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Are You Ready to Start Loving Your Consultant?

Treat Your Consultant as an Equal in the Boardroom, Rather Than as a Vendor in the Hallway

In the modern business world, consultants have become a necessity, providing specialized knowledge, streamlining operations, and maximizing efficiency. Consultants occupy a unique place in the company’s structure, neither an outsider nor a full-fledged member of the team. Because of this, it can sometimes be easy to forget that maintaining a good client-consultant relationship can drastically […]

Why a Vendor-Agnostic Technology Consultant is the Smart Choice

Why a Vendor-Agnostic Technology Consultant is the Smart Choice

When searching for a technology consulting partner, the first and most important choice is just what type of agency to choose: vendor-agnostic or vendor-tied. A vendor-agnostic technology consultant is one who is not tied, contractually or otherwise, to the products of any one company or brand. Vendor-tied consultants, however, typically have an agreement with one […]

New Challenges that Data Collection Represents to Your Clients

How Big Data Shifts Legal Department Decisions

Data – it powers every company in the world today. It’s the single most valuable business asset in existence. Hackers and bad actors go to great lengths to steal not money, but information, simply because it is more valuable than cash. However, data collection is necessary in order for businesses to make use of this […]

Benefits of Working with a Trusted Partner

Benefits of Working with a Trusted Partner

Why Are Trusted Partners One of Your Company’s Potential Assets? The obvious answer is that trust is important. It can be hard to achieve company goals when relying on a relationship with a partner that has yet to earn your trust. However, there are many more ways in which working with one can benefit your […]

Benefits of Creating a Technology Roadmap

Benefits of Creating a Technology Roadmap

When businesses are hit with purchases they did not anticipate, business owners and partners become frustrated by unforeseen expenses. This is especially true if the business owners or partners see no real benefit to themselves. A technology roadmap can prevent this from happening. What is a technology roadmap? A technology roadmap is a critical piece […]

What Drives a Positive Business Culture?

Why Organizations Must Strive to Improve Their Culture

Corporate culture – it’s a term that has been bandied about so much in recent years that it’s become something of a buzzword, and has lost a lot of its impact. However, despite that, creating a positive business culture is more crucial now than at any previous point in history. Compliance leaders and other executives […]

Third-Party Risk: A Guide for Compliance Leaders

Dealing with Third-Party Risk: A Guide for Compliance Leaders

No organization is an island. Every business has partners, whether on the delivery or supply side or in some other capacity. The challenge for compliance leaders is that every partner brings with them additional risk. Third-party risk can be challenging to quantify and protect against – after all, it stems from another organization entirely. The […]

Can Technology Give My Law Firm a Competitive Advantage?

Can Technology Give My Small to Medium Sized Law Firm a Competitive Advantage?

Historically, the legal profession has been gun shy — reluctant to adopt technology with the ability to provide law firms a competitive advantage. However, with the recent rise in technological solutions customized for the legal sector, that’s rapidly changing. How Can Technology Give a Law Firm a Competitive Advantage? Innovative technical solutions are helping law […]