Are You Questioning Your Tech?

The pandemic forced law firms to implement technology to support remote work rapidly. Solutions were adopted on the fly, often without thorough vetting. But hasty tech decisions can lead to regret down the road. Now, many firms are taking stock and sometimes experiencing “software regret.” Is your tech stack still serving you well, or is it time to reconsider?

Ask yourself:

Is Tech Helping or Hurting Your Firm?

The right software streamlines workflows and provides actionable insights. But clunky, disjointed systems waste time and money. Take an objective look at how your tech is impacting productivity and profitability. Are attorneys and staff able to effectively collaborate and provide excellent client service? Or is outdated technology a hindrance?

Do You Have Software Regret?

Many firms chose temporary band-aid solutions in the rush to remote work. These quick fixes may have passed their expiration date. If your current systems no longer support your firm’s needs, it’s okay to make a change. Don’t throw good money after bad trying to force-fit technology that’s not the right long-term solution for you.

What is the Downside of Living with a Poor Tech Decision?

Your technology should empower your firm, not hold you back. Ineffective software undermines productivity and satisfaction, slows your attorneys, frustrates your staff, and makes it harder to meet client demands. Users disengage when systems don’t meet their needs. Legacy platforms also carry security and compliance risks. And persisting with imperfect solutions delays implementing something better. Look holistically at how technology impacts workflow, culture, client service, and strategic goals. Be honest about missteps and be forward focused in rectifying them.

How Can Tech Make Your Firm More Competitive?

The right technology strengthens culture, improves efficiency, provides insights, enables innovation, and communicates to clients and talent that your firm is modern, efficient, and secure.

Focus less on specific products and more on how tech improves outcomes. Let desired capabilities drive software selection vs. allowing available options to dictate strategy. Think beyond purely reactive needs and proactively leverage technology for competitive advantage and automation that position your firm as an innovative leader.

What Problems Are You Trying to Solve? Can Tech Help?

Clearly define the challenges your firm is facing and define your needs and desired outcomes before purchasing tech solutions. Resist the temptation to be swayed by bells and whistles. Prioritize how technology can streamline specific pain points like intake/onboarding, document management, analytics, etc. This strategic focus will yield better decisions and adoption.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Software?

Underutilized software represents wasted spending. Make sure you are fully leveraging the features and functionality available. Consider additional training and consult an outside expert to optimize your systems.

The Hazards of Staying Too Long – Is It Still Serving You?

If a system no longer fits your evolving requirements, it may be time to migrate to a new solution. Don’t over-customize outdated platforms. Continually re-evaluate as your firm’s needs change.

There Are Lots of Choices. How Do You Make the Right Choice?

There’s no one-size-fits-all tech solution. Resist selecting software just because it’s popular. Dig into how well it aligns with your firm’s specific needs and culture. Vet vendors thoroughly and ask peers for recommendations. Demand integration and automation to maximize your ROI. Resist one-size-fits-all promises – your firm has unique needs.

Get Answers – Engage a Trusted Advisor

Software selection is complex. Seek input from experts who understand your firm’s needs and can advise on the pros/cons of options. An experienced legal tech consultant can provide vendor-neutral guidance on the systems best aligned with your firm’s goals and workflows. Ask them to recommend solutions to boost productivity and profitability. Develop a trusted partner relationship to navigate ongoing technology decisions collaboratively.

Make Time for the Right Decisions

Amid busy practices, it’s tempting to take shortcuts that yield “good enough” tech solutions. But attorneys often pay the price for years. Commit to taking the time to make the right decision for your firm. Don’t allow empty vendor promises or inertia to steer you down the wrong path. With focus and diligence, firms can leverage technology to drive success.

Double Down on Training

One of the biggest reasons software fails is lack of adoption. Technology is not self-implementing – dedicate resources to unlock its potential. Support success with training during onboarding, as new functionality evolves, and new firm members arrive. Appoint power users to provide ongoing support and optimize your tech investment via education.

Be Proactive and Honest in Evaluating Your Tech

The right technology strategy strengthens firms, while the wrong solutions waste time and money. Deliberate software selection and adoption of technology can transform your firm. Don’t settle for solutions that don’t meet needs or align with strategy.