Accurate and timely legal billing is an essential function of a modern law office. TimeSolv is designed specifically for the legal industry and provides comprehensive time management and legal billing services within a single software solution.

What is TimSolv?

TimeSolv is an easy-to-use software program for law office time tracking and billing. It is easy enough for everyone within your organization to use yet sophisticated enough to help you manage your firm’s finances at a high level.

TimeSolv Time & Expense Tracking

Time tracking can be completed on any device with TimeSolv, no matter if you’re connected to the internet (or not), in the office (or not), or on a desktop/mobile device. You can also customize the hourly rates by task, matter, client, and worker. You can also track your expenses within TimeSolv for an organized electronic experience.

TimeSolv Invoicing & Billing

TimeSolve’s invoicing functionality allows for split billing, flexible payment options, and multiple invoice templates. This program can integrate with existing payment processors (Affinipay, LawPay and CPACharge) or provide its own system for you (TimeSolvPay).

TimeSolv Document Management

You can securely store all documents related to your firm within TimeSolv itself or with one of its integration partners, NetDocuments or Dropbox. Within TimeSolv, your team can also create document templates to streamline workflows and save time. Document automation is also available.

TimeSolv Trust Accounting

Robust trust accounting features allow flexible management of your trust accounts, all within compliance rules. TimSolv also specializes in law-specific accounting rules, and has options for ABA task codes, UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management System), Chubb, LEDES 1998B, LEDES 1998BI V2, and litigation advisor formats.

TimeSolv Conflict of Interest Checks

TimeSolv assists legal teams with searching for and identifying potential conflicts of interest within its software.

TimeSolv Reporting

Over 30 individual reports can be run within TimSolv, allowing you to view data at any level of your organization with just a click of a button.