The Problem of Keeping Lawyers Competent in Technology

The Problem of Keeping Lawyers Competent in Technology

Lawyers are just like other people; some will be very interested in technology and will want to find ways that they can bring in new types of tech to their firm to improve their lives and make their firm more efficient. Technology can be very exciting and very helpful. However, just like many others out there, a certain number of attorneys will not care much about technology at all. They see it as a waste of time in many cases, and they believe that they can simply continue doing business as they have always done.

It is important for attorneys to understand the duty of technology competence. In fact, there are a number of states that are requiring that attorneys are competent when it comes to tech, so they can properly represent their clients. More and more often, attorneys are required to take steps that will help them to understand technology and how it will affect their cases.

The American Bar Association changed its Model Rules in 2012, requiring lawyers to stay on top of changes in the law and the practice of law. This includes learning about the benefits and the risks that are associated with technology. With technology continuing to play a role in so many aspects of life, it is natural that lawyers should be technologically competent.

There are many different areas where attorneys will have to be able to demonstrate their technological competence. These areas include cybersecurity, electronic discovery, using tech to deliver legal services, understanding how technology is used by clients and how it can present information in a courtroom, and how to conduct investigations on the web.

However, there is a problem with this. For many attorneys who already have other training that they have to keep up with, along with their other casework, finding the time to remain on the cutting edge of technology can seem difficult. It takes up time and energy that many lawyers feel would be better spent elsewhere. However, it is fast becoming a requirement that needs to be met, so it does make sense for law firms to find a way to ensure attorneys are technologically competent.

Those who want to make sure that they are staying up with tech for their clients, and even for the safety of the information they are keeping at their firm, should get in touch with an IT consultant. Our consultants can provide attorneys with the knowledge they need.