The Next Era of Communication: Social, Mobile, Virtual, Video

The Next Era of Communication: Social, Mobile, Virtual, Video

One of the truths about the world is that technology never ceases to continue evolving. People are always looking for ways to make improvements to technology, to use tech in new ways, and to create all new technologies and platforms. This means that there are many areas of life that change and evolve along with them, and that includes communication.

For attorneys, it is essential to embrace and learn to use these new technologies. Not only are they the way that many people today are communicating with clients and potential clients, but they are also the way that many people are communicating in general. Let’s get a closer look at some of the different types of communication.


Social media sites are one of the ways that many people today communicate. Rather than calling one another, they communicate through Twitter and Facebook. In many instances, companies are using these social media outlets to provide their clients and potential clients with more insight into their company. They even answer certain types of frequently asked questions through social sites. Of course, it is important that no personal or private information gets exchanged publicly.


Mobile phones are very common, and that means it is often easier to get in touch with people today than it was in the past. However, when you call, it does not mean that the recipient will always answer. People will often wait for voicemail before returning a call. In some cases and depending on the client, texting might even be a better option.

Virtual and Video

Connecting through a virtual space online can be a good option, as well, particularly when you are holding meetings. The same is true with video conferencing. Whether you are meeting with clients or you are talking with expert witnesses, doctors, other attorneys, or just about anyone else, video and virtual reality could be an option to consider.

Currently, video tends to be the go-to option because it is easy to integrate. However, virtual reality is closer than many people think, and this could soon become one of the preferred ways of communicating, as it can make you feel as if you are in the same room.

If you are still trying to play catch-up when it comes to communication tech and other types of technology, we can help. Our IT consultants can help you stay up to date and provide you with the technology you need.