Kate started working in the legal consulting field 35 years ago when the accountant who served her construction business asked her if she had time to work with another client of his – a law firm.  The first engagement led to others and soon it was clear that legal consulting held new and stimulating opportunities.  Kate left the construction world behind. 


New applications appeared on the legal scene, and law firms needed support in learning to use them.  Kate works with front office case management apps, but she focuses on time & billing and accounting.  Her specialty is the job most consultants don’t want – straightening out accounting that has gone awry, particularly Trust accounting.  Her goal is to serve two ends: 1) providing law firm management teams with the data they need to run their firms effectively and profitably, and 2) providing the firms’ CPAs with the data they need to file timely and accurate tax returns. 


When she is not crunching numbers, Kate enjoys her rural New Mexico home and feeds the other side of her brain – the Stanford BA in American Literature part – with on-line learning in history, philosophy, science, psychology . . . So much to learn, so little time!