Sage Timeslips

Accurate and timely billing is a cornerstone of a successful law office. Sage Timeslips allows your team to accurately track hours and costs for every project, easily integrate multiple features as required for your firm, and access a responsive customer support team.

What is Sage Timeslips?

Sage is an innovative tech company that developed Timeslips to support modern law offices. Its time-tracking software integrates seamlessly with billing and accounting to save time and improve administrative efficiencies. Its easy-to-use Timeslips software is accessible at a competitive rate. Client contact information is centrally located and streamlined to ensure timely communication within Sage Timeslips.

Sage Timeslips TimeCapture

Time tracking becomes second nature with TimeCapture. You can create rules to track time that is related to specific tasks or clients. Every workstation can be set up to automatically track its user’s time and convert that time to billable slips. TimeCapture also offers a variety of time entry methods to fit each team member, including automatic time tracking.

Sage Timeslips Customizable Billing

This billing software allows your team to create branded, fully customizable invoices. You can also use industry-standard billing formats like LEDES 98B and Litigation Advisor within Timeslips. A wide variety of billing arrangements, rates, and rules can be accommodated within the billing software.

Sage Timeslips Reporting

When you need to generate detailed reports for your firm, Timeslips allows you to pull them together with just a few clicks. The software comes with over 100 report templates to help you search, sort, and synthesize your firm’s data.

Timeslip’s robust reporting functionality allows your leadership team to make decisions that are data-based and reflective of real-time data. You can maximize your firm’s profitability and your team’s productivity using the reporting features within Sage Timeslips.

Sage Timeslips eCenter

This software allows users to track their time, tasks, and expenses from mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops. All data is backed up to the cloud for maximum security.

Sage Timeslips Integrations

Your legal office is already using multiple other systems to manage its operations, and Sage Timeslips can integrate seamlessly into those systems. These include QuickBooks, LawPay, Paya, Outlook calendars, and Microsoft Office.