How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Most law firms are slow to evolve. There is no getting around this fact, as you can still find many law firms that have little to no presence on social media and who have no website. Fortunately, this is becoming more rare, as more and more legal professionals are starting to learn the importance of adopting technology. Legal tech can help to make so many aspects of running a law firm easier and more efficient.

Of course, if you have “old school” attorneys who are running the firm, they might be somewhat resistant to change, not realizing how much it could benefit them. You know technology can transform the practice and make it more successful, though. How can you implement this? The following tips can help.

Explain the Benefits

The first thing that you will need to do is let those who are in charge know that there are many different benefits when using new technology and new processes. If you are in charge of making the decisions, you won’t have to convince anyone. Not everyone is quite so lucky though, so put some evidence together and present it to them with the same dedication that you would any case.

Start Slowly

When people are resistant to change, you probably do not want to overwhelm them. Instead, you will want to start out slowly. Bring on new processes over a period of time if you can, rather than all at once. It will give people more time to get on board with the idea.

Get Proper Training for Everyone

Everyone at the firm and those who will be using the technology will need to be trained in it. The training should be available for everyone from the new hires to those who are the heads of the practice.

Make Sure People Follow Through

Having technology is great, but you do need to be sure that people are following through and using it properly. Check on how people are using the technology, make sure they are following the new processes and protocols, and then check the results. Highlight the improvements that the firm has made since adding the legal tech in terms of client satisfaction and efficiency, for example.

Those who are ready to make the change and to start to implement more technology need to be sure they are doing it right. Get into contact with our consultants to learn more about the options available.