Modern law firms aren’t restricted to one location or timezone. Cloud-based technology is a must for any legal team utilizing remote or travel-heavy talent, and Clio is the perfect solution for teams like this. Plus, its 200+ integrated tools allow for seamless onboarding for your legal team.

What is Clio?

Clio is an efficient, easy-to-use legal billing software with extensive integration capabilities. It allows your law firm to track time and expenses, handle billing and payments, manage trust accounting, generate helpful reports, and more. Find a simple solution to your team’s billing needs with this cloud-based program.

Additional benefits of Clio include customer service support, free data migration, and training for you and your team.

Clio Time Tracking

You can use Clio to track every minute of your billable and non-billable hours.

Clio Expense Tracking

Increase the accuracy of your financial records with real-time expense tracking within Clio’s software.

Clio Billing

You can easily transfer those tracked hours into billable statements for clients, then share those invoices electronically.

 Clio Payments

Within Clio, your legal team can accept online payments with credit/debit cards and e-check options.

Clio Trust Accounting

Trust accounting requires adhering to additional compliance rules, so Clio’s trust accounting capabilities allow you to securely request, apply, transfer, and log trust transactions.

Clio Billing Reports

Get an on-the-spot look at your firm’s financial activity by generating useful reports.

Clio Document Management

As a cloud-based solution, Clio allows for an unlimited amount of document storage.

Clio Calendar Management

You can create calendar events within Clio so no information is lost or unnecessarily replicated.

Clio Task Management

Clio can function as a project management program for your team, allowing leadership to step back from day-to-day micromanagement. You can gain a confident overview of your office’s productivity just by viewing the task management functionality within Clio.