Your New Normal Needs Routine

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We are all experiencing a change in what we consider “normal”.

Even those of us who work from home most of the time find we need to define a new normal. We are not used to having a spouse or children at home with us!  How are we going to deal with all of this uncertainty?

Develop a routine that is yours

My recommendation is to develop a routine.  If you are accustomed to waking up and exercising, make sure you continue to do so. My routine consists of morning exercise, a healthy breakfast, and a walk with the dog.

Add “scheduled downtime”

Next, you need to add to your routine. For example, in the middle of the day most of us take a break for lunch. Include a walk during that time. Schedule time to call a friend or video chat to maintain the sense of community.

In our house, we have added a mid-afternoon break for an extra little “workout”. Every day around 3:30PM, my husband and I do some sort of stretching or strength exercises. There are hundreds of YouTube videos for working out at home — everything from yoga to a full body workout.

Maintain social connections

Establishing a routine will help you focus on what needs to be done, address your mental health, and maintain the social connections we all need. And if you need to go to a grocery or pharmacy, check with neighbors to see if they need anything. In these unprecedented conditions we all need routine, support and friendship!