Working Remotely Crash Course with Laura and Kelly


“You Matter – Working Remotely Crash Course with Laura and Kelly”

[This webinar has ended, however you can watch the recording or download the slides below.]


Do you have staff who are working from home for the first time? 

We find ourselves in a situation today where our staff is working from home and our business is now conducted using remote technology in place of face to face meetings. Many of our colleagues and clients have been thrust into the “work from home” initiative without adequate time to prepare.

And, let’s be honest, remote work has its own set of challenges …  

While staff are trying to operate at their “business as usual” best, they will encounter those challenges and have to adapt — such as: how to access resources, learning how to communicate with staff and clients, and how to best manage their time.

Talking points include:

  • How to setup and train staff to work from home
  • Time management tips
  • Productivity best practices

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