Is Your IT Services Provider Talking Solutions and SaaS?

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Solutions and SaaS — Not Products and Hardware

Your IT Services provider ought to be talking to you today about solutions and SaaS — not products and hardware — because the value that a good IT Services provider can bring to the table is immense. And quarterly business reports (QBRs), sometimes called technology assessments or technology roadmaps, are the tool you and your IT Services provider will use to ensure your business is moving in the right direction.

The company you engage to help with your IT services should be running QBRs as well, which gives them insight into the things you want and need. You can usually tell when this is the case because the solutions company will come to you proactively about innovative technology, such as SaaS, and offer you new solutions that help you succeed.

Managed IT Services Should Be Tailored to Your Goals

When your managed IT provider walks into a QBR with you, they will make sure their business aligns with your goals. You should expect to get the best solutions, top cybersecurity options, and extras that pertain to your agency, firm, or company.

Any IT services company can sell you products — top companies will help solve business problems instead. This is the differentiator to look for as you choose a vendor/partner to help, or consider moving to a new vendor/partner for the solutions your business needs.

Ask yourself:

  • Does the company you work with ask questions?
  • Are they interested in how your business performed in the last quarter?
  • Do they ask about the business problems/challenges you’re facing?
  • Do they know your industry and the unique set of business problems you need to overcome?
  • Are they working to provide you with solutions that offer value instead of expensive products that line their pockets?

What Does SaaS Have to Do with It?

Some of the most important technology questions to consider today are cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity. We hear the term “cloud computing” frequently these days, but moving your firm’s technology to the cloud doesn’t automatically mean that it is secure. Cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity are topics that should be explained by your IT Services provider, but they aren’t the only things that should be under advisement. Some technology solutions can help improve your operations, save your business money, and increase your security at the same time.

Ask Your IT Services Company

Ask your IT Services provider whether Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offers advantages for your firm, whether your firm’s cybersecurity needs are fully addressed, and how a Shadow IT assessment might benefit you.

Today, more than ever, your IT Services provider needs to be a partner in the boardroom — not a vendor in the hallway. The best IT Services providers will be able to answer all your questions.