How Onboarding, Ongoing Training, and Refreshers Impact Performance

onboarding training performance

Onboarding, ongoing training, and refreshers are three vital factors related to the performance of employees and the success of a business.

It’s safe to say that employees are at the heart of any workplace. Therefore, employees must be happy and productive for a business to thrive. Having the right tools in place ensures your employees stay in the know, are motivated and perform well, leading to an overall successful business.

Read below to discover how your business can flourish through the right tools and processes.


Introducing a new hire to your business is a fundamental part of the employee’s journey. You want to ensure your employees feel enthused, motivated, and ready to work. This is the time to make a meaningful first impression, which can be the deciding factor in the future performance of your employees.

Does your company have an onboarding process? Do you want to sharpen up the systems you already have in place? We’ll outline the benefits of an onboarding process and some best practices to ensure it is successful.

The first impression gathered by your new employees can set the tone for the rest of the employees’ experience with the company. A successful onboarding process can lead to several benefits for the business and employees, including:

  • Higher job satisfaction, leading to
  • Improved job performance, leading to
  • Higher employee retention rates, leading to
  • An excellent business reputation

Here are some tips for keeping employees excited and enthused during the onboarding process:

  • Engage with your new hires even before they begin: Sometimes called pre-boarding, many companies often use the period between hiring and starting work to reach out to new employees. You can send out an online welcome package or even a fun personality test to get new employees engaged in the business.
  • Fill the first day with enjoyable but essential information: Have a plan for your employees’ first training. Do you have a way in which new employees can quickly adopt your internal systems? Do you have a plan to get your new employees familiar with the software you’ve implemented?
  • Keep a planned schedule: Establish a program for your new employees which may include training checkpoints, team events, get-to-know-you events, or meetings. Platforms such as Trello are helpful for scheduling and daily planning.

Ongoing Training

Employees must constantly learn and improve to perform effectively in their roles. Learning and continuous improvement can occur through ongoing training – the method by which employees are trained continuously throughout their employment. Ongoing training leads to higher learner retention, motivation, and job performance.

Ongoing training is becoming increasingly necessary after substantial technological advancements, work-from-home arrangements, and a change in general business dynamics.

Some of the ways ongoing training can positively impact your business include the following:

  • Continued compliance with rules and regulations: Ongoing training ensures your employees keep up to date with ever-changing rules and industry regulations. If your employees are kept up to date, significant business penalties and restrictions can be avoided.
  • Keeping up to date with new technology: This is becoming increasingly important in the workforce. In reality, many employees need to be properly equipped with the knowledge and experience to navigate this. Ongoing training ensures employees keep up to date with the rapidly evolving tech and business world.
  • Assessing where employees stand: Ongoing training can determine where your employees are performing well and where they fall short. Here, you can gather which information is retained from onboarding and what needs to be worked on. Highlighting gaps in your employees’ knowledge will help you improve for the future.


Refresher training is similar to ongoing training in that it supports the need for continuous learning for new and long-term employees. As its name suggests, refresher training is a way to refresh employees’ minds and keep their memory sharp. It focuses on areas employees have already encountered and ensures that employees have up-to-date information.

There are myriad benefits to refresher training in employment, including:

  • Increasing employee confidence: Employees can only successfully fulfill their role when they’re sure of what they’re doing. In reality, it is rare for employees to remember everything from the onboarding process. Refresher training can ensure employees’ memories are jogged, and confidence is increased.
  • Fewer mistakes: Having accurate knowledge along with added confidence will ensure employees make fewer mistakes. Refresher training aims to make business processes second nature to the employee.
  • Continued compliance: As with ongoing training, refreshers can ensure your employees are complying with business rules and industry regulations. In today’s workforce, compliance with such regulations is becoming increasingly important and widespread, making it crucial to keep employees informed. Blurred knowledge of these rules and regulations can lead to negative consequences for your business.

Do You Have the Right Systems in Place?

It should now be clear how vital onboarding, ongoing training, and refreshers are. Having well-trained, motivated, and high-performing employees leads to a business set up for success.

The most important question is: do you have the right systems in place to ensure your onboarding process, training, and refreshers are working as they should?

We’ll share a little secret with you – certain software can integrate these processes into one. Implementing the right software can ensure employees have the tools they need to learn and succeed.

We’ll share with you one of our favorites: Clip Training. Clip Training is an eLearning platform that allows workers to stay in the know. So whether your employees are being taught for their first time or continuously refreshed on important information, Clip Training is there to help.

Using cloud-based learning, employees can learn from wherever they are at whatever time. In addition, the platform uses various engaging training forms to increase knowledge and boost productivity.

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