Custom Backgrounds Now Available for Microsoft Teams

Custom Backgrounds Now Available for Microsoft Teams

As more and more of us come to rely on our home offices to get us through the Coronavirus pandemic, it’s worth noting that Microsoft Teams — the productivity tool that’s built into Office365 — is improving its already robust set of collaboration features.

Custom Backgrounds for Microsoft Teams have been rolled out to those users who have the updated Teams since the April 3, 2020 release. This is an extension of the “blur background” feature that already exists when you are using video conferencing and calling within Microsoft Teams.

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How to use Custom Backgrounds

To use the Microsoft Teams custom background, click on the “…” when joining any meeting inside Teams. Choose “Background Effects” and on the panel that appears on the left, scroll through your background options. Any backgrounds you add to the folder…


…will appear at the end of the list. If you are using backgrounds with words/logos, make sure you have uploaded a version that has the words or logo “backwards” or “mirrored.”

Use the Preview option at the bottom to review your selected background before joining the meeting with it.

Currently, you do need to reset your background for each meeting you join, but this functionality may be added to Teams in the future.