Are You Prepared for 2021?

Are You Prepared for the Realities of 2021?

The Realities of 2021

2020 ushered in a wave of unexpected changes and left law firms scrambling to cope. Attorneys, partners, and staff moved to remote work. Physical offices shut their doors while virtual offices opened across the country. Throughout it all, one thought buoyed us up – this too shall pass.

Here’s the thing, though. There are many signs indicating that 2021 may result in more of the same. Those who’ve made the shift to remote work need to prepare themselves for the reality that things are not going back to the way they were anytime soon. The new normal is that we are all going to be working remotely, in some instances, for far longer. The good news is that law firms can embrace technology and the cloud to prepare for that eventuality.

Work from Anywhere Technology

The first step in preparing for 2021’s reality is ensuring that you have the right technology in place. Many law firms have been using stopgap solutions cobbled together at the spur of the moment since the beginning of the pandemic. The problem with those measures is that they’re temporary and not designed for long-term use. They stymie communications, create backlogs in document flow, and cause other problems.

The solution here is to find technology that can work anywhere, at any time, whether you’re in the office or at home. With LEAP Legal Software, law firms are fully prepared.

Ensure Protection and Performance

When it comes to cloud-based systems and technology, there are two rules you need to follow:

First, whatever technology you choose must offer robust protection for sensitive data.

Second, the system must provide the performance you need to maintain business at the speed of life.

This includes not just processing and data transfer speed, but reliability and redundancy, as well.

When choosing your solution provider, ask critical questions that speak to both of these rules, including:

  • How often do you review your security?
  • How often are your security protocols updated?
  • Do you regularly test for security vulnerabilities?
  • Is there a viable disaster recovery solution in place?

Don’t Neglect Your People

When talking about law firm management software and cloud connectivity, the focus naturally shifts to productivity and security.

However, it’s equally important to realize that managing office staff in a remote environment is very different from managing in-house staff. It’s crucial for law firms to invest in technology that supports their people, not just their processes.

LEAP Legal Software provides powerful automation for law firms but also supports employees in a wide range of ways, from automatic timekeeping to effortless production of email invoices and digital authorizations and payments, document automation, and case information centralization.

While the impact of 2020 will be felt for a long time to come, remote work does not have to mean a loss of productivity or success for law firms. The right technology can help.

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