Are You a Zoomer?

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Are You a Zoomer?

ZOOM has taken many areas of daily life by storm and many are making use of their free plan for a Personal Online Meeting room and the ability to meet with 3 or more people for 40 minutes per meeting.

If you are meeting one-on-one in Zoom, there may not appear to be a time limit, but your meeting is most likely subject to Zoom’s 24-hour single meeting limitation.

As Zoom is being used by a lot of educational institutions and small businesses, download this comprehensive guide for information regarding Getting Started, Administrating and Learning on Zoom.

Quick Tips on Zoom

  • Zoom allows you to add a video background when you connect to a meeting so you can change/hide what is behind you on your computer’s web camera. Zoom will remember this background for future meetings unless you change it, so keep this in mind if you or your family members change it to “fun” backgrounds and are using Zoom for both work and school or personal meetings.
  • Zoom has a Personal ID that is an “always-on” connection to you. Use this the same way that you would use your telephone number or physical address and don’t share it publicly. You should also always require a PIN code to connect to a meeting and make some settings changes to prevent “zoombombing” and trolls.
  • Zoom allows the creators/managers of the meetings the ability to download all Chats from inside a Zoom meeting (including one-to-one between attendees). Keep private thoughts and chit chat in your personal texts, emails, messengers, or other methods.
  • Zoom creators/hosts/managers of Zoom meetings have the ability to monitor if attendees are “paying attention” by having the Zoom meeting screen in focus. They may also be able to see what other programs are open while you are attending the meeting.
  • Additional Zoom resources and training can be found here.


The video conferencing platform has soared beyond the company’s wildest expectations (at the end of December, 2019, the total number of daily meeting participants was approximately 10 million; in March, 2020, it was over 200 million).

You can read about known vulnerabilities here:

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