Jayne Kearney


“Do. Or do not. There is no try.” Not only does this quote demonstrate Jayne’s love of all things Yoda and SiFi, but it also shows the strong morals and work ethic she brings to her work.

Jayne began her career as a paramedic prior to entering into the technology industry, which she has enjoyed for 17 years. Her passion for healing and helping others has always been her driving influence. From Director of Technology with Southern Rehabilitation Network to joining the CMG Consulting Team, Jayne has been a valuable asset and helping hand to every client she’s assisted.

As a consultant who has worked with the partners since CMG’s inception, Jayne considers the CMG Team to be part of her family. She enjoys her ability to help others in the technology world while simultaneously spending more time with her family. When she’s not “saving a client” from technological failure, you can find Jayne cooking, reading, and finding her inner child with a set of Star Wars Legos. However, her favorite past-time is spent enjoying her two grandsons, Braxton and Leonardo.