Every legal firm has its own distinct time tracking and billing needs, and Tabs3 is a tailored solution that fulfills that need. Tabs3 allows you to allocate billing in whatever way you choose, providing the ultimate flexibility for your law office. The program is also conveniently backed by an accessible support team.

What is TABS3?

Tabs3 is a time tracking and billing software solution that is simple, easy to use, and customizable for your legal firm’s requirements. The entry-level plan is competitively priced but with an upgrade, Tabs3 becomes accessible via mobile phones and tablets.

Tabs3 Time Tracking

Your office personnel can track time as they work, with those hours automatically populating on the client statements. Time Tracking’s Platinum plan makes time tracking accessible while on the go, using mobile devices.

Tabs3 Matters Management

All billing-related tasks are tracked to each legal matter using this program. You and your team can run insightful management reports, track metrics and balances, and monitor account activity within the Tabs3 software.

Tabs3 Billing Flexibility

Tabs3’s differentiator is its billing rate flexibility when invoicing clients. You can set standard rates for each individual in your firm, as well as set contingencies, split fees, flat fees, and retainer fees. Task-based billing is also an option.

Tabs3 Support Services

While the software is very easy-to-use, it is also backed by Tab3’s maintenance and support team.

Tabs3 Cloud Security

Depending on your need, Tabs3 can provide the level of cloud services needed for your legal office. This includes data hosting and/or a cloud-based law practice management solution.

Tabs3 Integrations

Tabs3 can integrate with other programs your team is already using, such as legal document management systems, electronic billing programs, and credit card processing vendors.