Sage Timeslips


Sage Timeslips

For busy legal practices, being able to accurately track time is critical. Billable hours, pro bono work, time spent researching, these are just the tip of the iceberg. Without the means to track and analyze time spent, you have no idea if your practice is actually turning a profit, or if you’re hemorrhaging capital due to poor time-management skills. The right office software can help. One solution that we recommend to many of our clients is Sage Timeslips.

What Is Sage Timeslips?

Sage Timeslips is a fully-fledged time tracking solution that helps business owners in any number of industries home in on billable hours in order to track time accurately, improve profitability, decrease lost time, and ensure pinpoint accuracy in terms of time and expenses. Note that this is not a cloud-based solution – it does require a download and installation on your office’s workstation(s).

However, the software is designed to be intuitive to use, simple to control, and delivers powerful functionality that increases accuracy while decreasing errors and omissions. We are also happy to install and configure Sage Timeslips for our clients, as well as providing the training necessary to get up and running quickly.

Advantages Offered by This Time-Tracking Software

We believe that the key to a successful practice, beyond outstanding client representation, of course, is the ability to track time and bill accurately. With Sage Timeslips, that is precisely what you receive – the ability to ensure you never miss a single billable opportunity. How many billable hours ultimately slip past over the course of a month in your practice? In a year? If yours is like most practices, the answer is “too many”.

Sage Timeslips also improves other key areas related to profitability, such as accurate time recording and expense entry. How many expenses do you fail to enter that ultimately cause you to leave money on the table? How often have you forgotten how much time to bill, or to bill time at all, because you waited to enter billable hours? Sage Timeslips promises the ability to avoid lost time and lost expense deductions, while simplifying the process from billing to accounts receivable.

Finally, you gain direct, accurate insight into all aspects of your practice through simple, accurate reporting. Never wonder how much time has been spent on research, or whether you’ve forgotten an expense item again – it’s all there right in front of you.

Key Capabilities Delivered through Safe Timeslips

Sage Timeslips delivers critical capabilities that today’s practices need in order to remain competitive and profitable. These include:

  • Billing: Timeslips provides intuitive bill generation capabilities with drag and drop functionality. All bills feature industry standard formats with access to Litigation Advisor 1 and LEDES 98B. Bills can also be watermarked for authenticity and security, and the software supports multiple billing arrangements.
  • Reporting: Sage Timeslips delivers the ability to get at your practice’s data in a number of different ways so you’re never in the dark. Choose from over 100 different predefined reports or create your own custom reports if you prefer. Summary task reports can be created easily, and the report wizard helps you set up report creation simply and easily.
  • Time and Expense Entry: Struggling with time and expense capture and entry? No more. Timeslips provides powerful capabilities that ensure you stay productive and profitable. Pre-populated account entry and automatic time capture save time and hassle while ensuring complete accuracy. You can also create your own task and expense lists. The voice-to-text capture feature adds even more utility and convenience.
  • Account Management: Sage Timeslips makes account management a snap. Bill payments and transactions can be easily entered, and you can even define your own rules and time periods. A number of predefined accounts receivable reports help you save steps, and Timeslips also integrates with other accounting software platforms.


Is It Right for Your Practice?

Is Sage Timeslips right for your practice? It offers a host of advantages and helps ensure accuracy, profitability, and productivity. We offer an in-depth workflow analysis that can help determine if this time-tracking software is right for you. We can also offer complete installation, customization of the software, practice-wide training, and ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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