PracticeMaster by Tabs3

A modern law firm needs much more than a standard Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage its operations. Using Practice Master, a robust practice management software designed specifically for legal offices, your team will become much more organized and waste fewer resources while completing client work.

What is PracticeMaster?

PracticeMaster is a user-friendly software program that provides document management, client contact compilation, appointment scheduling, and much more for legal offices and law firms. It is also highly customizable for individual firms.

PracticeMaster Matter Manager

Within the Matter Manager in PracticeMaster, you can easily access every client profile with relevant documents, email correspondence, appointments, notes, and billing information (including costs and fees), as well as a timeline of all activity.

PracticeMaster Calendar

Integrated with Outlook, the PracticeMaster Calendar is a versatile appointment management tool. You can see all office appointments at a glance and easily schedule/reschedule as required.

PracticeMaster Conflicts of Interest

Any possible conflicts of interest are easily highlighted within PracfticeMaster. The search function is smart enough to cover phonetic spellings and partial words, too.

PracticeMaster Document Management

This software allows you to manage all legal documents within your firm, saving time and reducing redundant work. This includes template management, as well as smart integrations with Microsoft Suite, Adobe PDFs, and HotDocs.

PracticeMaster Client Data Management

Your client contact fields can be arranged in a way that makes sense for your firm.

PracticeMaster Platinum

With the Platinum upgrade of PracticeMaster, you and your team can handle all of its administrative tasks from a mobile device or tablet.