Law firms are learning to do more with less. Adding efficiency into your team’s daily work allows you to meet these productivity goals. Give your office the tools it needs to succeed with PCLaw’s legal case management software.

What is PCLaw?

PCLaw is software designed specifically for legal offices. It has curated a range of useful functions and features into one place, helping firms improve operational efficiency and provide maximum value to clients.

PCLaw Billing

Using the billing functions within PCLaw, your team will be able to easily track and measure billable/non-billable time. Electronic billing is built into the program, which improves cashflow and vendor payments. Invoicing is simple with customizable billing templates.

 PCLaw Matter Management

All of your firm’s data, files, matters, documents, and calendars are organized and securely stored within PCLaw. Backups are completed automatically, giving you greater peace of mind and minimizing physical documentation. Automation features allow your team to minimize redunandancies and easily replicate forms and documents.

PCLaw Accounting

Designed to accommodate the accounting needs of large, midsize, and small firms, PCLaw’s accounting features allow you to optimize and automate your accounting functions. It also includes features that streamline monthly and early closings, saving time and resources.

PCLaw Dashboards

To help you see everything going on in your law office, PCLaw allows you to gain an overview of all matter progress, financial performance, billable hours, and upcoming appointments. This data is compiled into easy-to-assess dashboards.

PCLaw Compliance Features

This program is fully compliant with General Ledger regulations. You can also replace your other accounting programs, such as MYOB, QuickBooks, Xero, or Sage by investing in PCLaw.

PCLaw Go App

The PCLaw Go mobile application allows your team members to track billable hours and matters no matter where they are working. This allows for faster billing and fewer headaches.

PCLaw Case Management

Reduce information overload and increase organization and efficiency with case management capabilities within PCLaw. All schedules, tasks, contacts, appointments, and doccuemtns are stored together and organized according to each matter. Your team can also create workflows and templates within the software to save time and reduce rework.

PCLaw Additional Features

Within PCLaw, you and your team also have the following capabilities:

PCLaw Customer Support

PCLaw backs up its users with a range of support options, including a live support team available via chat, a library of video trainings, and more.