Law Firm Consulting


Law firms bring to bear significant legal expertise and experience. Combined with the knowledge that our Business Intelligence team provides, our clients are able to scale, grow and build thriving practices.

As one of the nation’s leading law firm consulting service providers, we deliver solutions to problems and challenges and help build a foundation for future success.

Consulting Expertise

We are proud to offer law firm consulting services in a wide range of key areas, including the following:

  • Business Analysis and Strategy: Analyzing and understanding business trends is essential to operating a successful, growing practice. We work with you to develop the right strategy for your firm with a focus on efficiency, client service, and profitability.
  • Change Management: Change can be difficult — even detrimental — to your firm’s success when improperly handled. We work with you to understand the impact change has on your firm and implement a change management and implementation plan based on ownership and leadership.
  • Technology Analysis and Strategy: Rapidly growing technology, from new software to innovative hardware solutions can make it difficult to ensure your firm has the right technological infrastructure for success. Using accurate metrics, an in-depth understanding of technology within the legal field, and professional training, we deliver a strategy that encompasses everything from hardware purchases to software implementation, and even data storage and disaster recovery.
  • Workflow Analysis: From law firm software to billing software, your firm should not be stuck with a cookie-cutter solution. Our workflow analysis ensures you software is completely tailored to your practice’s unique requirements. It’s all about achieving improvements in efficiency and productivity while limiting exposure to risk and liability.
  • Project Administration and Management: Project administration and management can be challenging for law firms of all sizes, which is why we offer our expertise to create a project strategy, monitor progress toward key milestones, communicate with stakeholders, and ensure success.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about our law firm consulting services and how they can benefit your practice.