Implement Bulletproof Security for Your Law Firm

Security – it’s a critical concept in today’s digital world. Law firms face a broad range of threats, but it is possible to implement bulletproof security that protects you and your clients. At Circle Management Group, our certified consultants can create a custom security solution that addresses your vulnerabilities today and scale as you grow.

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The State of Law Firm Security Today

Legal practices today rely on technology more so than ever before. That’s a good thing – imagine having to create and manage physical documents, store tens of thousands of physical records, or be limited to handwritten letters and face-to-face conversations for communication. However, it poses very real risks. For instance, did you know that almost 30% of law firms have experienced a data breach, and up to 15% show signs of compromised networks? A few other eye-opening security statistics as reported in the 2020 ABA Legal Technology Survey Report:

  • Only 43% of surveyed law firms used file encryption
  • Less than 40% of surveyed law firms used email encryption
  • Less than 40% of surveyed law firms used two-factor authentication
  • Less than 40% of surveyed law firms used intrusion prevention measures
  • Less than 30% of surveyed law firms used full disk encryption and intrusion detection

Attackers are strongly attracted to law firms for valuable information, including trade secrets, intellectual property, details about acquisitions and mergers, personally identifiable information, and more.It is your responsibility to protect this information, but doing so can be incredibly challenging. That’s particularly true given the growing number of threats, including compromised email accounts, the installation of ransomware that prevents you from accessing information, and the exposure of client information to the public to name only a few.

You can’t afford to let your law firm become another statistic. Contact us today to learn more about security best practices.

Technology Is the Answer

For most law firms, the largest security challenge comes down to protecting against malware, viruses, phishing attacks, and ransomware. The right technology, correctly implemented and maintained, provides robust protection and security for your legal practice.

At Circle Management Group, our certified consultants will analyze your practice, workflows, current technology stack, and clients to create a customized solution that addresses your security vulnerabilities today and can scale to address new needs as your practice grows.

It’s about more than having the right technology in place, though. You must have a data security policy and all paralegals, attorneys, and other staff members must follow it at all times. You must also train your staff to mitigate data security risks while implementing encryption across all systems.

Not sure how to comply with your ethical and regulatory obligations? Confused about how to encrypt communications, file systems, and other technologies? We can help.

We understand the wide range of threats you face, as well as the tools and techniques required to safeguard law firm and client information. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you implement bulletproof security.