Centerbase Certified PartnerTechnology has evolved very quickly in the last few years and many practices are exploring the feasibility of SaaS solutions for their business. If you are still tied to on-premise practice management software running on aged technology, there is a simple solution that allows you to take advantage of modern capabilities without losing any of the functionality you depend on – specifically, cloud-based technology.

Centerbase delivers vital advantages without requiring you to sacrifice legacy capabilities. From in-depth customization to industry-leading ease of access, Centerbase will modernize your practice.

The Future of Law Firm Software

At Circle Management Group we believe in taking a proactive approach. We conduct extensive research on the solutions we champion with the intention of making the best recommendations for our clients. Our recommendations address both the challenges our clients are experiencing today, but also work toward achieving the goals they have for tomorrow. As Centerbase Certified Consultants, we can leverage the power of this tool to support all areas of the law firm business.

During our software discovery and planning phase we outline business processes that streamline a law firm’s workflow. We look at everything from lead and client management through case delivery, billing, and completion. Centerbase’s automation and workflow tools are powerful enough to execute all of the processes we identify and define.

What is Centerbase?

Centerbase creates a central hub that brings all areas of your practice together into one seamless collaboration and reporting platform. It simplifies, streamlines, and empowers your practice while ensuring you never need to leave any of your legacy software capabilities behind when you transition to the cloud. Centerbase offers an extensive range of features and numerous advantages that improve practice profitability and more.

What Advantages Does the Software Offer?

Centerbase delivers flexibility and connectedness vital for legal practices without sacrificing the power and performance of your current software solution, while also enabling access to accounting and financial information anywhere, at any time, on any device (computer, tablet or mobile phone).

An essential advantage found within this inclusive case management, document management, timekeeping, billing, trust accounting and financial accounting software package is that it is incredibly customizable. You can easily adjust virtually all aspects of the application to suit your unique needs and requirements.

Your client data is the most valuable part of your practice. As such, the ability to retain all your data as you migrate from legacy systems to the cloud is critical. Because of that, Centerbase is designed to allow you to import your existing data, including billing history.

Not sure what features you need and how customization might benefit your business? Our in-depth analysis ensures we can make accurate recommendations based on practice specifics, requirements and needs.

What Are the Key Capabilities Centerbase Delivers?

When it comes to legal accounting and billing software, you will find that Centerbase is chock-full of features and capabilities, each designed to deliver value and improve profitability for practices just like yours.

  • Next Level Lead and Client Management: Wouldn’t it be nice if every time a lead came into your office, they were immediately contacted, and your staff was notified of all follow up tasks required to convert them? Centerbase begins at the onset of the relationship, with a combination of forms that capture leads from your website and workflows that assign tasks, send emails, and generate documents. This ensures that leads don’t get lost in the mix and current client needs are met.
  • Automation and Customization: Automation allows you to streamline your internal processes and procedures into workflows, saving time and resources, which allows you to focus on your clients. Customization ensures that you’re able to build a holistic software solution that fits your needs perfectly.
  • Cloud Storage: Your practice is only as good as your ability to access information, particularly documents. Centerbase allows you to store all of your documents in a central location in an integrated document repository. You can access those documents at any time, from any Internet-connected device.
  • Advanced Document Security and Management: A law firm is responsible for maintaining a high level of security when it comes to privileged client information. Documents often contain sensitive account numbers, personal records or financial information. Centerbase’s integration with industry leader Netdocuments® creates a seamless and secure process for protecting confidential documents while offering a complete document management suite of tools. With Netdocuments, additional features, such as document sharing and permission-based access provide your team the ability to share documents for review or collaboration without ever leaving the secure online space.
  • Never miss another deadline! A native integration with the leading rules-based calendaring platform LawToolBox®, deadlines specific to case and jurisdiction are added to each user’s Centerbase account and their respective calendar(s).
  • Mobile Time Entry: Reap the benefits of cloud technology when you enter time while on the go. Because Centerbase is cloud-based, you can access time from any Internet-connected device to record hours billed. There is even a heat map built in that allows you to analyze if you have forgotten to record time.
  • Legal Accounting: Sick of struggling with third-party accounting applications? Tired of doing double work? Centerbase features baked-in legal accounting so you no longer need to wait for reports and metrics at month end to know your company’s financial position.
  • Powerful Billing Features: Many billing and accounting software suites are sadly lacking, particularly when it comes to billing features. With Centerbase, you enjoy access to advanced billing features that were previously unavailable to you. Those features allow you to improve accuracy, bill faster, keep other attorneys and stakeholders in the loop, and approve prebills simply and easily to make the billing process faster and easier. The most popular features include: management of multiple trust accounts, split billing, pre-bill review process, electronic billing, and online bill payment via LawPay ®.


Is Centerbase Right for Your Practice?

We recognize migrating to a new system can be overwhelming. As a Centerbase Certified Partner we offer the experience and expertise necessary to ensure that your implementation goes as smoothly as possible.

Centerbase offers power, performance, customization, and ease of access to information stored in the cloud. However, it may not be the right option for all practices. We offer an in-depth analysis to determine the needs of your practice, and then offer the best way to achieve those goals. We also offer assistance with configuration and implementation, provide training, and deliver ongoing support. Contact us today to learn more about Centerbase, or to schedule a consultation.

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