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It’s Coming: Digital Workplaces Are the Future of the Legal Industry

The average workplace in the legal industry is changing, and that change is accelerating with the adoption of digital workplaces. Digital technology is having a larger and larger impact on law firms large and small, and for most, that’s a good thing. In fact, it is driven by an underlying need to do more with […]

Custom Backgrounds Now Available for Microsoft Teams

As more of us rely on our home offices to get us through the Coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft Teams is improving its already robust collaboration features.

How Technology Can Support Your Firm in Today’s Rapidly Changing Environment

Join us for a panel discussion of legal experts who will speak about how firms can best adopt legal tech to maximize productivity, security, and efficiency while working from home.

18 Things To Make Remote Work Stress-Free

We’ve teamed up with Peter Fidler, President of WCA Technologies, Inc., who will help you secure your home network so that you can work stress-free.

Video and slides…

What Lies Within: Protecting Your Document’s Content

Did you know that your documents contain hidden secrets about your firm that are invisible to you?

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Anywhere, Anytime, on Any Device: Documents in the Cloud

Have all of the documents you need from the office with you all the time, wherever you are!

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Sage Timeslips Makes Working Remotely Easier

It’s never been easier to work remotely and empower your business through cloud-based technology.

The Need for Speed

Working from home full-time for the first time? It can be challenging — especially if everyone else is home with you!

Are You a Zoomer?

ZOOM has taken many areas of daily life by storm! Kelly Jones asks, “Are You a Zoomer”?

5 Essential Remote Work Tips from PCLaw | Time Matters

Here is some practical advice to help your business transition successfully to a world where working from home has become essential.

How to Setup NetDocuments and Centerbase at Home

Are you using NetDocuments and Centerbase from home? Our Setup Guides will ease the transition.

Office365: Work From Home Power Tools

How to work together in a Word or Excel document — two or more can edit a document at the same time!

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Try Tabs3 Platinum + Connect

Tabs3 is making Tabs3 Platinum + Connect available at no charge for 90 days as part of its commitment to your firm’s success.

Your New Normal Needs Routine

Establish a routine so you can focus on what needs to be done, address your mental health, and maintain social connections.

PCLaw® and Time Matters® Access via the Web

P|T AMP Membership customers can use PCLaw and Time Matters Web – contact CMG to get set-up today!

Seamless Email Management with NetDocuments ndMail

Download this helpful checklist which walks you through key steps and best practices to “go-live” and adoption.

When Video Conferences Go Wrong

Zoom has become the default social platform for millions. But Internet trolls are looking for Zooms to disrupt.

[Video] How to Setup Zoom on a Computer

Are you using Zoom for the first time to communicate and collaborate? CMG’s Maria Shust has produced this video that is sure to help!

Working at Home with Tabs3

Are you a Tabs3 user who finds yourself working from home now? Get Videos, Knowledge Base, and Support here.

Working from Home? Here’s Expert Advice

For all of those that find themselves shifting from a work-at-office to a work-at-home scenario, this may be worth the read.

Working Remotely Crash Course with Laura and Kelly

Talking points include: How to setup and train staff to work from home, Time management tips, Productivity best practices

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You Matter

At Circle Management Group, you matter. Our Incident Response Plan is currently in effect This page will be continually updated Article: “Working from Home? Here’s Expert Advice” by Maria Shust For all of those that find themselves shifting from a work-at-office to a work-at-home scenario, this may be worth the read. Read more… » Webinar: […]

As COVID-19 Increases Remote Work, Cyberhygiene Is A Must

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, companies are now in full-scale preparation for potential disruptions to their business…

Solve Law Firm Security Challenges with NetDocuments

Curious to know how you can solve law firm security challenges using today’s best-in-class technology? We all know that data security is incredibly important today across all industries. And while you might not think it, data security is just as crucial for law firms as it is for businesses that access consumer financial information. Fortunately, the […]

How Will Digitized GDP Impact Businesses?

The digital economy, and therefore the digitized GDP, has a large effect on how many companies do business. The evolution of digitization has ensured that few if any businesses have escaped from the digital revolution, and that includes law firms. Many companies have started to embrace various elements of the digital economy. GDP is typically […]

How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Most law firms are slow to evolve. There is no getting around this fact, as you can still find many law firms that have little to no presence on social media and who have no website. Fortunately, this is becoming more rare, as more and more legal professionals are starting to learn the importance of […]

How to Deliver Competitive Advantages to Your Clients

How does your law firm stack up to the competition? Are your current clients getting everything they need from your firm or are other firms out there offering more? You want to make sure that you are providing your clients with the very best if you want to succeed, of course. The following should be […]

How the Tech Industry is Supporting Diversity

It is well-known that for many years, diversity has been lacking in a number of fields. Tech industry is one of the top among those fields. Many different groups are underrepresented in technology companies. There have been initiatives in recent years that are helping to change this. The initiatives and ideas below have been adopted […]

How Are Millennial Attorneys Impacting Firms Today?

There is a millennial shift happening in the law firms of today, which is only natural. Those who are a millennial are getting out of law school and finding firms to join. Over the years, there have been stigmas associated with those who are a part of the younger generation as being lazy and not […]

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technologies

AI and blockchain technology have the ability to benefit law firms in some interesting ways. There is little doubt that these will play huge roles in the future of many different industries. Below, we will look at some of the ways that they can impact a law firm. The Benefits of Blockchain Perhaps the biggest […]

Are Chatbots Right for Your Firm?

Have you heard about chatbots? They are a type of artificial intelligence that is used by many different types of companies today. The bots are often used for customer service, but they have been used for sales and marketing, as well. Even though you might see that it could be useful for some types of […]

Adapting to Changes in Court Technology

Technology advancements are a constant that all types of businesses will need to deal with if they want to keep up with their competitors. The legal field is no different in this respect, but there are many attorneys who tend to be slow to adapt to technological changes. Not only are they slow to bring […]

Using Technology Solutions to Target Specific Practice Needs

All law firms want to be effective and efficient, not to mention successful. While the quality of the attorneys and other employees who work there is certainly important, they are not the only elements that need to be considered. Technology can also play a huge role. Without the proper type of technology, it could mean […]

The Problem of Keeping Lawyers Competent in Technology

Lawyers are just like other people; some will be very interested in technology and will want to find ways that they can bring in new types of tech to their firm to improve their lives and make their firm more efficient. Technology can be very exciting and very helpful. However, just like many others out […]

The Next Era of Communication: Social, Mobile, Virtual, Video

One of the truths about the world is that technology never ceases to continue evolving. People are always looking for ways to make improvements to technology, to use tech in new ways, and to create all new technologies and platforms. This means that there are many areas of life that change and evolve along with […]

The Business of Law & Changing Client Relationships

What is it that helps to make a law firm a success? It does not always matter if you have a team of lawyers with degrees from the most prestigious schools. It does not matter if you have the best furniture in your office to impress the clients when they come to visit. Instead, to […]

Innovation as a Growing Functional Area in the Firm

Law firms today need to think beyond just the legal services that they are offering right now. Technology will change the way that firms work and they will change the expectations that clients have when hiring a firm. Therefore, it makes sense to make sure that innovation is embraced by the firm, and that it […]

How Litigation Analytics Will Determine Firm Success

Attorneys know that legal research is a key factor when it comes to determining the outcome of a case in many instances. The research will provide attorneys with the information they need regarding different cases, courts, judges, and opponents, which can provide them with the insight they need to win. Of course, everyone knows that […]

How Judicial Analytics Will Add to Existing Legal Analytics Tools

The more tools an attorney can have at their disposal the better. This is true with any type of case in which they might be involved. The use of judicial analytics is one of the areas that can provide some major benefit when used with other legal analysis tools. These types of tools will make […]

How Big Data Shifts Legal Department Decisions

Big Data is affecting all types of businesses both large and small today. This certainly includes legal departments. With the rise of technology, it is important for these legal departments to have a better understanding of just what challenges and opportunities there are when it comes to Big Data. Let’s get a close look at […]

Email, Automation, and AI for Your Firm

There are many law firms today that are still woefully behind the times when it comes to their use of technology. Law firm technologies are growing and evolving quickly. Those firms that want to take advantage of the tech will want to learn more about how it can help to transform their practice. Let’s look […]

Cybersecurity and Autonomous Vehicles

Technology is amazing and it evolves on a constant basis. One of the areas where there has been a lot of developments in recent years is with autonomous vehicles. These connected vehicles have the potential to change many aspects of life including the way that people commute and travel both long and short distances. These […]

Is a Cloud-Based (VoIP) Phone System Right for Your Firm?

When we think about moving to the cloud it is common to only think about software, such as Office 365. A trend that may surprise you is that many law firms who aren’t quite ready to move all of their data to a hosted or web-based system gradually begin the process by moving their phone […]

Legal Technology Resolution #4 – Updating Your Software

When was last time you updated your software? The reason why we ask is that most software releases come out annually or sometimes even more frequently. It’s incredibly important to make sure you don’t fall behind because upgrading is not just about access to new features, it’s also about protecting your business. Here are our […]

Protecting Your Business from Ransomware: Advice from a Cyber Security Expert

Originally written by Bill Ayres, Circle Management Group ran·som·ware: a type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer system until a sum of money is paid. In the last few years, ransomware has become a big and costly problem for consumers and businesses and there is currently no end in sight. I’m […]

Law Firm Tech Resolution #1: Upgrading to Office 365

The new year is in full swing at Circle Management Group and we could not be more excited about what’s to come! Last week, we broke down the top five most common New Year Resolutions we’ve heard from our clients. In case you missed the full list you can read it here. First, is increasing […]

Top 5 Law Firm Tech Resolutions

As the 2018 fiscal year comes to a close, many businesses (ours included) are looking for ways to improve and make 2019 an even more rewarding and successful year. One of our New Year Resolutions is to have all of our internal technology moved into the cloud by the end of the first quarter. What […]


No matter your area of specialization, being able to access records in a fast, efficient, and secure method is essential. Of course, document management and information access can be incredibly challenging. Legacy solutions, including hardcopy files and digital files locked into a practice’s physical server do you no favors. Thankfully, there are cloud-based document management […]


Technology has evolved very quickly in the last few years and many practices are exploring the feasibility of SaaS solutions for their business. If you are still tied to on-premise practice management software running on aged technology, there is a simple solution that allows you to take advantage of modern capabilities without losing any of […]

Upgrading to Timeslips 2020

We are very excited to announce that Timeslips 2020 is here! You can review some of the great new features 2020 has to offer here. Contact Circle Management Group today to assist with your order and upgrade.

Circle Management Group Expands Their Managed IT Services By Partnering with WCA Technologies

New York, NY (November 2018) – WCA Technologies, a leading provider of IT Support, IT Consulting, and IT Managed Services in midtown Manhattan, is proud to announce their strategic partnership with Circle Management Group. Based out of North Carolina, Circle Management Group brings a wealth of knowledge in consulting, software implementation, on-site training, reporting & analytics, […]

LexisNexis in the Government Sector: The City of Springfield – A Case Study

Click on the link below to read how Circle Management Group helped Springfield Law transform their Practice Management:

Software and Profit

Profitability: How can you run a business both efficiently and profitably? Software and Profit: How They Interact Without solid technological bones to shape and support a business, it cannot thrive. That is, the software itself and a strong network infrastructure. The technology is a means, not an end. Although technology is the means to run […]